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Computer Security

Computer security is a branch of computer technology known as information security as applied to computers and networks. The objective of computer security includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users. The term computer system security means the collective processes and mechanisms by which sensitive and valuable information and services are protected from publication, tampering or collapse by unauthorized activities or untrustworthy individuals and unplanned events respectively. The strategies and methodologies of computer security often differ from most other computer technologies because of its somewhat elusive objective of preventing unwanted computer behavior instead of enabling wanted computer behavior. - Source Wikipedia

With the advent of the technological boom we have seen offices and companies relying heavily on computers and computing technology. With this heavily dependence on ICT there exist risks that when actualized their effects will ground to a halt companies, large organizations and even governments. There is a need to protect yourself, your data and machines form these risks.

We are offering you Rising Security. A solution that will effectively protect your machine and your data from intrusion and corruption due to viruses, malicious scripts and is :

  • Easy Install.
  • Automated Silent Update - It shall automatically update itselfs upon detecting an internet connection.
  • Real Time Protection.
  • Enjoy Benefits from Rising Cloud Security.
  • RISING has one of the largest, most powerful anti-virus and network security research and development team in the world. RISING has successfully set up four major network security systems: The Global Computer Virus Monitoring Network, The Global Computer Virus Emergency Response Network, The Global Computer Virus Forecast Network, and The Global Computer Virus Service Network.
    RISING is catering to over 80 million personal users and more than 70,000 corporate customers in Asia, Europe and Northern America. RISING technology for the search of unknown computer viruses is recognized and protected by patents in Europe, Japan and the United States of America.

    Rising Internet Security

    RISING Internet security provides antivirus protection and customizable personal firewall service both, and protects your computer against all types of Internet threats.
    With Rising Cloud Security project, it provides you zero day security response and protection. Read More

    Rising Antivirus.

    Protects your computers against all types of viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits and other malicious programs. Ease of use, Active Defense technology, Patented Unknown Virus Scan&Clean technology and Patented Smartupdate technology make RISING Antivirus ' install-and-forget ' product that lets you focus on what you really want to do. Read More

    Rising PC Doctor.

    Rising PC Doctor, professional and smart security tool to computer users.
    With its seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB storage devices, ability to repair Microsoft Internet Explorer & Windows, Trojan Behavior Detector & Blocker, protection against malicious websites, Internet Explorer protection and Trojan Download blocker, Rising PC Doctor will greatly enhance your protection against malware and cyber-threats. Read More

    Windows OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7/Server 2008