Welcome To Bit Byte Techologies

Do you have that project that you wanted to be translated into an online reality or has your project not received the proper attention that it deserves? If your answers are yes then you are in the right place as we have specialized in the area of Solution design and customization no matter how mammoth a task may seem we definitely conquer it to the satisfaction of our clients. Our competence in the area and arena of website design has seen us venture further into the field and has seen us specialize in the area of DRUPAL development. It's is our core mandate to ensure that the final product is fully adaptable to our clients environment to facilitate the ease of business as per the request that they have made before hand.

About us

We are a Christian run company who offer our services to a broad clientèle base. We are driven by Christian moral & ethical standards that are the core precepts and building blocks of our faith to which we fully subscribe to and profess. However this does not deter us from rendering our services to various people from all walks of life. We believe in be the number one Information Technology Solution dispensers to our clientèle.